We take security very seriously. We do not believe in security by obscurity. Security is the number one focus in everything we do.

We take the following steps to secure your network:

                A complete security audit is performed base lining your current security state
                All nonessential services on all servers and desktops are disabled
                Only required programs are installed
                All operation system patches are applied automatically
                All virus signature updates are applied automatically
                Logs are reviewed for potential problems
                Account permissions are properly monitored
                All remote office connections are encrypted
                Security policies are properly implemented
                Your network is proactively monitored 24 x 7
                All Internet traffic is logged
                All essential data is backed up daily
               Software patches are applied as soon as they are available
                Firewall's are monitored in real-time

While nobody can guarantee absolute security, we build security into your network from the ground up.

Not sure what you need? Whether you have a Linux, UNIX or Windows network, Globotron can help you choose a secure solution appropriate for your network.
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