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 Tech Support Issues
 Web Strategies: Making The Internet Part of Your Success
 Digital Marketplaces: Enabling the Internet Economy
 Improving LAN Performance: A Step-by-Step Planning Guide.
 Network Essentials for Small Businesses: A Step-by-Step Planning Guide.
 Gigabit Ethernet networking solutions.
 Right sizing your data warehouse.
 Scalable Enterprise Portals for the 21st Century.
 Implementing an integrated document management strategy on the web.
 Workflow on the web.
  Workflow for web-based customer service.
 A detailed Web Site Development Guide by Pascal Helou.
 The Right Tools for the Job by Ian Lurie.

Electronic Medical Records EMR - Document Management

 Developing an Imaging Methodology
 COLD Solutions
 Configuration Criteria for Document Imaging Systems
 Automated Tape Storage for Document Imaging
 Display Subsystems for Production Imaging
 Document Warehousing
 Enterprise Document Management
 Document Imaging and Workflow Glossary
 The IBM Enterprise Document Management Suite

Project Management

 A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge
 The Project Management Framework
 The Project Management Context
 The Project Management Processes
 The Project Management Knowledge Areas
 Project Management Scope
 Project Time Management
 Project Cost Management
 Project Quality Management
 Project Human Resource Management
 Project Communication Management
 Project Risk Management
 Project Procurement Management
 Glossary and Index


 Five words of wisdom for catalog entrepreneurs.
 Nine mistakes to avoid positioning your products for TV.
  Targeting the mature market: Breaking down barriers.
 The electronic letter shop: How to use e-mail for prospecting.
 An insider's guide to catalog marketing in the UK and Europe.
 The 7 deadly sins of direct mail.
 How is your lead management system working?
 The Order Form: Neglect it at your peril
 4 Ways to reduce the costs of inquiries.
 13 Ways to reduce your advertising costs.
 Dating your offer is an effective way to get customers to act.
 How to project catalog sales.
 10 Secrets - How to create money-making brochure designs.


 A Guide to Strategic Facilities Planning by Pascal Helou
 Taking the Threat out of Network Security.
 Computer-Aided Facility Management by Pascal Helou.
 Computerized Maintenance Management Systems by Pascal Helou.


 Confidentiality Agreement Template by Pascal Helou.


 A 1 page Executive Summary Professional Template designed to get the attention of institutional investors about your venture.
 An Excel spreadsheet to determine initial cash requirements for a new business.
 The Ten Tips to Cyberspace Prosperity for Software Entrepreneurs written by Randal F. Walti, CEO Coach of the The Oaktree Consulting Group.
 Stock Option Incentive Plan (with Stock Option Agreement) by Richard D. Harroch.
 Sample Short Form Business Plan by Richard D. Harroch.
 Short Form Venture Capital Term Sheet by Richard D. Harroch.
 Long Form Venture Capital Term Sheet by Richard D. Harroch.
 Venture Capital Term Sheet by Jeffrey P. Steele.
 The Raining Money Workbook by J. Corey Pierce. One of the best papers that I have seen that defines the whole process of raising capital from start to finish.
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