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Outsourced CTO Office - The role that we find most critical and lacking in small firms and businesses is a vendor management role with strong project management skills that you trust that acts on your behalf. We are your Chief Technology Officer and Business Advisors. We help you make business and technology decision that have a positive effect on your bottom line. We are your advocates. We manage all your vendors and keep everyone in line with the business initiatives.

Site Assessment and Systems Audit - In today's economy, companies, large or small, are looking for ways to optimize their organization, reduce costs, secure operations, reduce risk and continue to provide superior customer service. Before critical decisions can be made, Business and IT decision makers must fully understand the current state of their infrastructure, thus an assessment is required. Globotron Assessment Services are designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your IT infrastructure.

Standardization - The key to keeping the Total Cost of Ownership low is through standardizing the desktop and server deployment. We perform the following

Site Audit - We begin by performing a complete site assessment of systems, hardware and software. This produces a detailed network map, inventory of all hardware and software applications installed.
Data Evaluation - The mass quantities of data retrieved from the Site Audit is evaluated and a plan of action is created.
Upgrade or replace systems - Systems are then upgraded or replaced.

Security and Intrusion Detection - Globotron Security Audit services provide an on-demand security audit, extensive vulnerability reports that include severity levels, business impact, time-to-fix estimates, and trend analysis. By proactively monitoring all network access points, Globotron Security Audits reduces the time spent researching, scanning, and fixing network exposures while enabling companies to eliminate network vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Even companies that have deployed advanced firewall and virus protection, and Intrusion Detection Systems find regular security audits a critical component of overall network security strategy. We are also heavily involved with the various security agencies keeping your network secured with the latest available patches and upgrades. Our services include

Security Assessment - Identify immediate security concerns and network weaknesses, and then use this information as the foundation for comprehensive security architecture.

Penetration Testing - Multi-phased process of penetration testing and access attempts to assess the type and extent of security-related vulnerabilities that may exist in your current security systems.

Security Policy Design - Translate enterprise's existing security and legal requirements into a documented security standard to ensure that information assets and authentication practices are protected throughout the enterprise.
Security Architecture - Design a tailored, cost-effective architecture identifying the optimal configuration for key security technologies (e.g., firewall, intrusion detection, VPN, anti-virus, authentication).

Network Monitoring - Downtime in today's environment is a constant business threat. To remain competitive, businesses need to consider around-the-clock monitoring of their enterprise necessary, not supplemental. The Globotron Network Monitoring service offers comprehensive, continuous network monitoring of key devices and critical applications. Customers trust Globotron to proactively monitor network availability and provide real-time notification of any specific failure. Globotron Event Log Monitoring can alert customers to low level events such as security breeches and system application errors. Globotron will monitor Windows® event logs and system logs to alert system engineers immediately when a new event possibly affecting network stability has been logged. The Globotron Network Monitoring service is essential for the company that takes a proactive approach to monitoring network health in order to avoid costly unplanned downtime before it occurs.

OS and Virus Patch Management - Today’s daily security threats combined with weekly operating system patch releases, requires a more robust solution for patch management. Globotron provides a patch management service, which includes identifying, applying and testing patches for servers, desktops, firewall's and switches.

Disaster Recovery Planning - The creation of and maintenance of a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan, is a complex undertaking. Disaster recovery planning is not a two-week project, neither is it a project that once completed, you can forget about. An effective recovery plan is a live recovery plan. The planning includes the following

                Pre-Planning Activities
                Vulnerability Assessment and General Definition of Requirements
                Business Impact Analysis
                Detailed Definition of Requirements
                Plan Development
                Testing Program
                Maintenance Program
                Initial Plan Testing and Plan Implementation

24 x 7 Live Help Desk Services - While there is no good time to have an outage, the ability to detect and repair issues anytime is an invaluable asset to any sophisticated enterprise, but building and maintaining a high quality support center staffed with an educated team at a sensible price is often out of reach. The Globotron Technical Support services provide the highest level of service whenever you need it.

Data Backup - We create real-time data backup solutions that meet your needs. We also provide an off-site managed data storage solution.

Data Recovery - We specialize in hard drive, RAID, Exchange & Mail, Windows, UNIX, tape, failed disk, SQL database recovery, password retrieval and much more. No matter how the data loss occurred, Data Recovery Services has the ability to recover most data.

ASP.NET and Database Development - We have developed extensive intranet and internet database solutions including internet catalogs, stores, subscription solutions and social networking websites.

Website - We will help you design and create a website that will clearly meet and extend your business needs. We handle all aspects from domain name selection options if name is not available, hosting, design, publishing, maintenance, search engines and promotions.

Office Setup -We can quickly design and build out a new office location managing all aspects of the project. We manage other contractors, purchase and install all networking equipment and create a turn-key office in minimal time.

Remote Access - Success in today's electronic business environment means staying connected to your office systems no matter where you are. With geographically dispersed customers and partners, and an ever-expanding remote workforce, businesses must implement fast and reliable networks. You need flexible, comprehensive access to information to remain competitive in the global marketplace. We install a software client on your laptop that provides instant access to all your systems in a secure, fast reliable manner no matter where you are.

Computer Design - Our experience has been whether you purchase a computer or server form Dell, IBM or Compaq; we end up formatting and rebuilding the equipment from scratch. Computer vendors simply cannot properly setup and configure servers or computers and still offer the systems at a competitive market rate. We design the systems from scratch with the following requirements:

                Hard drive properly formatted and partitioned.
                Operating system properly installed with all the latest OS patches.
                The OS is locked down by design removing all unnecessary services.
                Data archive designed to provide easy recovery in the event of disasters.
                Automated software is installed that provides patch management and virus
                   signature updates.
                Remote access software is installed to provide desktop support.

Business We provide extensive services for startups. Our services includes:

                Assistance with the development of strategic plans
                Preparation of business plans
                Preparation of financing proposals and private placements
                Assistance with business start ups
                Assistance provided as a part-time Vice-President and CTO

Home Services We extend the following services to our high net worth clientele:

                Custom video surveillance systems that allow remote access over the Internet.
                Home networks with video on demand.
                PC entertainment systems with full remote control integrated into home systems.
                Wireless network installations
                Video conferencing for family members
                Password Recovery for the following: Lotus 123, Acrobat, Act, MS Money, MS Office,                     Paradox, MS Project, Quicken, Quickbooks, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows
                    2000 Server, WordPerfect, Zip files.
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